Wasps, every summer they appear and often interfere with their unwanted presence. Unfortunately, every year there are incidents in which the risk of these animals is underestimated by the people, sometimes with a devastating outcome for the affected persons. The warming climate and milder winters have meant that the populations of the animals has been steadily increasing for several years, increasing the risk of unpleasant encounters. Again and again, there are dramatic moments when without sufficient protection and knowledge eie is done on your own.

PROKIL advises already from smaller wasp nests to carry out a professional fight or resettlement. Often, arbitrary measures are executed too superficially and a possible problem persists unrecognized. Wasps can also cause damage to the house and the building fabric. In the meantime, it is hardly an option anymore to wait for the natural life cycle of the animals. The lengthening summer periods favor the life of a nest enormously and a nest formed at the beginning of the summer, can be several meters tall under fairly simple conditions and increase the number of black and yellow troublemakers, depending on the nature of several thousand copies.

RTL Hessen reports about wasp summer 2018

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